Are you a new artist and would like to upload music to the online music distribution site Kami Records? Does it seem quite difficult to upload your music to music distribution sites? Maybe as a new user, you find it strange and hard with the process of uploading music to the Kami Records music distribution application. In this article, we will show you how to upload music to the music distribution site Kami Records conveniently. After reading this article, you will know how to upload music easily.

Kami Records convenient online music distribution application

Usually, artists can distribute all music content directly to customers via record labels or distributors. You will, however, have to work directly with a third-party distributor when you sign a contract with a certain brand. But with Kami Record, artists can work independently with us by becoming a user of our music distribution service. Our only purpose is to be able to upload your music to many platforms over the world. Kami Records is an application that will collaborate with many companies and distributors. At the same time, Kami Records will license the author’s music work. Your revenue will be based on the times of the music being streamed. Artists will then be able to sell music externally. This will also allow them to earn profits. You may wonder what you need to do in order to upload music to Kami Records’ music distribution site? Check out the next section!

Tips on how to upload music to music distribution app Kami Records

The artist will freely pick the options of music streaming sites. Kami Records then offers a simple and similar way to upload music. To put your music on Kami Records, follow these steps: With artists, the first step is that you need to register for being a user of our distribution service. Then you choose the disc type to release. Usually, there are two main types of discs, singles and albums. Depending on the purpose, ability, desire that you choose. Please press the Enter button for the artist as well as the information to release along with the details of the music product. Next, the author will press the upload file that appears on the screen. Then, choose the platforms you want to distribute your music to. You will have to click on the release date selection for your song. The last step is that the author confirms the information and press submit it to complete. Through this post, new artists may understand how to upload music to the music distribution application Kami Records, right? This publishing process is easy and not as difficult as you may think. What are you waiting for? Let’s start uploading your projects today!