Do you enjoy covering songs in your own style? Could it just be simply a hobby? In the following article we’ll show you how to get profit from your own cover songs!

Digital distribution application – a potential companion

You might think of the chances you can sell cover songs to get what you deserve for all the hours you put into practicing your singing. Digital distribution apps are one of the simple ways you can make selling your covers a reality. These apps can spread your products faster than posting videos or recordings on social networking sites. Furthermore, you can generate profit from investing time and effort in music cover with these digital distribution applications.

Kami Record – the ideal choice

If you still have any doubts about which music distribution channel is best for you, Kami Record will most likely be one that you will not regret. The high level of copyright protection ensures that your “brain children” will not be used arbitrarily. Additionally, with this music distribution channel, you can easily upload and sell cover music on music apps like Spotify. In this way, you will be able to generate revenue for yourself without any company’s help. If you are a music enthusiast, this is a direction that will not only give you significant income but also give you the ability to build a reputation in the hearts of audiences.

These reasons probably convince you of the benefits of using online music distribution apps to sell cover music. Visit for the best experience!