Production and publication of online creative products, especially music, is increasing in popularity with the development of online platforms. This has led distribution channels to gain an essential role in the development of online products. In the following article, we reveal the best free music distribution site for you.

Digital distribution application

The explosion of digital technology provides the best conditions for career development for artists during this period. Digital distribution applications make it very easy to upload and sell your music products on many music video apps, including Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Facebook Library, Tiktok, Youtube. Because of their convenience, speed, and benefits such as copyright protection, online music distribution applications are increasingly preferred by artists.

Free music distribution site

There may be a fee charged by music distribution sites to receive certain benefits. There are some websites that, in addition, work based on a percentage of the revenue in order to create a longer-term partnership as well as help the newcomers get easier on the path to self-employment.

Kamirecord is probably one of the top free music distribution sites you should take a look at. As well as being convenient and allowing you to distribute instantly on music apps, this is a website that emphasizes cooperation between the two parties rather than imposing export-fees.

With the above information, hopefully, you now have the information to get started selling your music products, as well as selecting free music distribution sites like Kamirecord. You can explore our website at for more useful information!