Worried that you do not have sufficient knowledge of music distribution or investment capital to stand firmly in the business market? We will bring you the best service of music distribution ever in this article.

As your partner, supporting you throughout the cooperation process

In addition to being satisfied with the tools and equipment used for music distribution, many artists have trusted and used Kami Records and they have confirmed that they are really interested in the kindness of the support team here. Kami Records’ customer service is really good, showing up and answering questions, assisting you with problems whenever you need them. Lead you and your music product to higher and higher growth momentum and only receive 15% of the revenue after that, unlike other platforms, which collect fees first but then the support team cannot help artists like their promises.

Kami Records best music distribution

Kami Records suits all customers, all musical genres and is easy to use

Kami Records encourages mutually beneficial cooperation and a win-win relationship with the common goal of sales and distribution of music for you.

Provide your music distribution experience with the optimal instrumentation, the best care, and the fastest growth. On the contrary, Kami Records is completely free of charge and is very simple to use.

To sell your products, you first need to have a personal account at https://kamirecords.co/, then upload the music file by:

Step 1: Go to Assets.

Step 2: Click on Album, select Action.

Step 3: Select Create New Release.

Step 4: Enter your Album data in the Main Info section.

Step 5: Upload your recording and enter the data into the Track field.

Step 6: Enter the Author/Composer information in the Data in Publishing field.

Step 7: View and check your Album overview and then click Approve to approve.

Step 8: Click Distribute Your Release to release the music to the stores.

Step 9: Select the stores where you want to release the music and press the Send button.

Step 10: You have successfully released your music. Please wait a few days for the moderation team to check and deliver to the store.

Isn’t it simple, don’t you think? If you don’t register today, how long are you going to wait? Looking forward to working with you!

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