Have you known how to sell your music yet?

It seems that today we all have a lot of opportunities to work in the creative industry, namely the creation and production of music. What are your plans for making your music more accessible to the public? And are you going to sell your music online? You may be familiar with the process behind releasing a song if you have extensive experience in the music industry, but if you are just a newbie passionate about music, you may struggle to find a way to release your product. There are still a number of opportunities for each of you. No matter who you are, if you are interested in selling your products online, we can show you how to sell your music online in an effective way. We are certain you will find it useful.

1/ Sell your music online through music distribution companies

You will find it much easier to sell your music online if you work with music distribution companies. Especially when you want to expand your influence and reach. Many music distribution companies are closely connected with worldwide platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, etc. Those companies will also create a marketing strategy to sell your music online. In addition to delivering the best and fastest release speed, you can exchange more to improve the quality of your music products as well as your personal brand.

2/ Make money from copyright protection.

To make it easier to understand, you can imagine this, you register with the copyright protection center for your music products, they will be the party to help you collect money from a third party from technical platform digital, ringtone, or chain stores, studios using your music products. That should help you answer the question of how to sell your music online, right? Good luck with your endeavor.