You may not realize that free music distribution is gain a big impact on the music industry. This post will show you a clear overview of music distribution’s attraction when it is free.

The attraction of free music distribution

To make a simple counting, there are more than 30 free music distribution services on the app and websites for artists and singers who is passionate about this industry. We have got 226,000,000 results on Google for “free music distribution”, this proves the huge impact of free music distribution in the music field. 

There is a good explanation for this effect, free music distribution can help artists save a lot of money and distribute their products effectively on digital platforms. Artists consider this a great and indispensable tool in the music production process.

Free music distribution relieves stress on costs for young artists who have just started their careers and still struggle to manage a limited budget for their debut.

Where can you find a free music distribution?

Nowadays, free music distribution is quite easy to find. Artists even have a long list of application and system to select. Each service has its own unique advantages to compete and attract customers. 

Except from the free music distribution, some music distribution will provide you a 24/7 support via email, free support for your Youtube channel and video whitelist request. There are many plans for your upgraded account with attractive commission percentage. 

You can compare the function and quality of service on these services before decide your distributor. This will help you make a wise selection.

Kami Records is one of the leading music distribution applications all over the world, we provide the best level of support for our customers. Kami Records’ professional team will continuously support any requests of artists with the music that has been and will be released at Kami Records in the near future.

Kami Records is here, issues with the release of songs will not bother the artist any further. You can use that time to invest in the next quality products!