Distributing your music with a digital platform is described as the modern way to sell music, right? However, behind the peel of the modern tool, there are still many disadvantages you may not know. Let’s come and reveal them. 

The most important thing that artists should know besides the way to upload music is what risks they are going to suffer from. 

Scam websites

The first, as well as the most serious problem, is scamming. We usually have a big fear of the digital platform that some bad people will take advantage of our work without paying us. You should check the website and ask those who have used it before jump in. the checking step will guarantee your work will be protected and avoid the ability to lose your work. Besides some websites can leak your information to a third party. That is why we have to be careful while choosing a digital music distribution to work with.


The first thing to do with digital music distribution is not upload your work but read all the important terms that you must follow on that platform. You may have no idea what they would write. The crucial rule is not to let your thought or imagination be the terms. Even when you leave a distribution and join a new one there are some new terms that may contain or the process is quite different. Once you violate them, you must pay for compensation or even block your account. Read all of them once you have decided that you will work with that distribution platform. This tip will save you a lot of time and money then you can focus on your music. 

The copyright on your music.

What can you do with a copyright on your video? Or in case you would like to put copyright claim on the people who try to copy your music, what can you do? 

There must be a challenge with solo artists who do not have much support from entertainment companies or companies in general. But it is no longer a serious problems with people work in music industry. We have many support from digital tool. Besides, the copyright in digital distribution is an simple part, for example at Kami Records our artist will not have to worry about those issues. Our platform has system to cover the problem. Moreover, once you got in those problem, we allow you to take advantages of our fast and dedicated support from the professional team. Take a look at our plan here: https://kamirecords.co/