By collaborating with one of these best music distribution companies in 2021, artists can not only improve their reputation but also effectively increase income through multi-channel distribution. Developing a meticulous and detailed music distribution strategy seems to be difficult for artists. In this case, artists can choose to cooperate with the best music distribution company. Taking advantage of this would be an excellent choice, as the companies will support you with the release, promotion, and sales of products while allowing you to concentrate more on your music.

1. Best music distribution company 2021 – Ditto Music

BKSound is not only a big depositor in the Vietnam market, but also a partner of many singers and musicians around the world. The Ditto Music team will give you an experience of working with a top company. On the platform of Ditto Music, music distribution will be done automatically. Advantages: There is a modern office in Vietnam. Known for promoting many famous artists. Promising to bring Vietnamese music to the abroad market like US, Australian, European, etc. The income is transparently paid and there are no deposit fees.

2. The best music distribution company 2021 – SKY Music JSC

With the aim of fostering young artists’ passion for music, SKY Music was created. As an artist whose song is released on SKY Music, your product will be supported with a multi-channel release, promotion and copyright registration. Advantages: Active support in copyright protection. Money is paid automatically, saving time and effort of manual calculation. A destination for many artists. However, not all artists are eligible to join SKY Music.

3. Best music distribution company 2021 – Kami Records

Kami Records has a reputation for giving fair treatment to its customers. This is a top music distribution service and publishing platform open to anyone, as long as you have a passion for music you can become a part of Kami Records With Kami Records, you can promote your product around the world on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Facebook Library, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. Advantages: Fantastic playground for all artists. Free music release. Transparent payment of income from musical works. As one of the leading music distribution companies in 2021.