Apple Music is specifically designed for Apple fans, but as everyone knows, at the present time, Apple Music has removed the limits, so anyone can listen to music on Android, IOS, Mac, or PC.

Due to Apple Music’s widespread distribution throughout the world, it helps you generate good revenue from selling music on the app. It would be better to “abstain” a few notes when the artist wants to get close to the apple.

1. Accounts and limits during upload

Anyone who wants to broadcast their music to the community must open an account and create a library. A sync limit will be set for each file during the upload process. The original file remains intact in this format, but ALAC, WAV, AIFF are converted into AAC 256kbps. Additionally, Apple’s iCloud iTunes must be ready and stable during the download time.

Apple Music doesn’t need to be inflexible about how to sell music; revenue is primarily influenced by how the product interacts with users. Basically, if there are more people listening to the product, there will be higher revenue for artists.

2. Promotion will guarantee click increase

Apple Music follows the normative principle, has its own direction, if you don’t understand it, you will lose out. It’s all possible to do it online at Apple Music, or you can choose to use Kami Records, a distribution partner for developing commercial business.

Selling music on Apple Music through an agency, Kami Records is committed to making an outstanding impact on the promotion process to your product. Accordingly, instead of the traditional process, it means you upload music, wait for listeners to click, wait for high-ranking views. Kami Records follows up to make sure your music is doing well.

Kami Records’ method is to sell music on Apple Music proactively without waiting. We promote your music actively and continuously. A very small percentage of your revenue will be shared for Kami Records when the sales numbers are stable.