Anyone who produces music or works in the music business wants to maximize their revenue, so you are one of them, right? But how to sell music products is a dilemma for newcomers. So let’s find out what the best solution is in the following article!

What do skilled artists do with their music?

You can ask the seniors who came before you, how to sell music in the past to get the achievements they have now. The answer is effort. Their efforts to make music is only a necessary condition, but besides that, they must make efforts to invest capital for promotion, copyright registration, product sales, etc. to be called a sufficient condition. Obviously, if there is any risk, they must also try to bear it.

If they don’t have a good copyright protection policy, for instance, thousands of illegally made CDs and DVDs will be sold without their permission, the bad people can take advantage of their copyright and talent. Or when they need the “reputation” of the 3rd party to PR for their products, they will be easily led into the path of being deceived, losing money, losing products, losing time. Therefore, the use of these methods seems to have been abandoned for a long time. Instead, they have a better solution, which is to choose a reputable website that acts as a management company, supporting the enhanced distribution of their music products.

traditional way sell music

Kami Records is the optimal and secure solution to the question “how to sell music”

Nowadays, the music selling segments are not as complicated as before. When searching for keywords like “sell music”, “online music sales” or “how to sell music”, most of the answers will contain “Kami Records”. A music distribution service that helps you to optimize the performance of your music business with the support of a team of music and business experts.

Replace the traditional cumbersome steps with a few easy steps to register an account on, then upload the music file and it only takes 48 hours for Kami Records to approve, register and distribute his product when you reach the user.

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Kami Records enables you to distribute your music at lightning speed and on a large scale, covering the most prominent music stores in the world. The safest but completely free copyright protection. Revenue will be accurately inventoried and transferred on time to your account each month. Our team of experts will always be available to assist you 24/7, whenever you need it.

Hopefully, the article has provided more information and a good reason for you to choose Kami as your support platform for your online music business. Thank you for reading and good luck!