How do you know you are right for music or not?

Some people caught music at a glance and immediately become famous in their career with music. But there are some of us who may struggle in finding the right path in the music industry for ourselves. How do you know if music or music distribution is right for you or not? There is a way to determine this question. Now let Kami Records reveal it for you.

First of all, you can just start your music with the genres and types just as what you like. Then you should track the views and streams on those releases to understand the market and your audience. This is called market penetration in the music industry. All the things you do are to understand your listeners and test the genres and types of music you are following are good or not.

After that, you should list out the top 3 genres and types with good traffic for your channels. You will start to follow this style for a longer time. Next, you will try to make your listeners remember your artist’s name with the unique style of singing and music genre. You need to gain more new fans and loyal listeners at this stage. This step will help you pretty much in the near future. 

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Why Music Distribution Is Right for You 

Besides if you are working alone, there is a problem that usually happens and you may catch issues with your songs, music distribution and your copyright. Many unknown things can come up on your road, those can easily become a reason people quit the music industry. This is why we state that music distribution is right for you. They can support artists and save them from annoying problems with their distribution. Kami Records is one of them. A prestigious distribution platform aiming to support young and enthusiastic artists to gain more listeners online and earn more money. That is why Kami Records is right for you! Take a look at our work here: