Currently, compared to the way to sell music online platforms, Kami Records is always the first choice of artists. So what makes Kami Records different from hundreds of other applications and services and is preferred by everyone? Read this article to find out the reason!

Regardless of age, artists still choose Kami Records as a selling online music tool

Many artists who have the chance to sell music online through Kami Records have applauded that this is truly the best tool they have ever used. They think that with Kami Records, they will not need to use any other applications to support product distribution anymore, because Kami has done everything they need to monetize with their music. Collaborating with Kami Records, they can focus on composing without being hindered by any risks, nor do they need to worry whether the costs incurred will exceed their original spending plan. Kami Records has given them absolute trust and outstanding growth in their musical development. If you are also planning to find a music distribution service to be your partner, why don’t you try to learn this music distribution?

Maximize your musical influence and revenue

Just 48 hours after your music product is approved, all will be distributed to music stores, streaming platforms around the world. Kami Records also offers free ISRC and UPC codes with every release. Expand your reach with Kami Records’ network of more than 140 download stores, streaming sites, and Content-ID services to secure your legitimate copyright rights. So everyone anywhere in the world can listen to your music and pay for your brainchild, there’s no longer any distance between you and your fans. That way, you too can get legitimate profits every month on time and transparently!

The main website with more than 100 languages for more than 100 different countries, no matter who you are, where you live, whether you are good at foreign languages or not. Those things are no longer obstacles because now you can use your own native language to sell music online.

In the English version, the release steps are also very simple for you to follow:

Step 1: Go to Assets.

Step 2: Click on Album, select Action.

Step 3: Select Create New Release.

Step 4: Enter your Album data in the Main Info section.

Step 5: Upload your recording and enter the data into the Track field.

Step 6: Enter the Author/Composer information in the Data in Publishing field.

Step 7: View and check your Album overview and then click Approve to approve.

Step 8: Click Distribute Your Release to release the music to the stores.

Step 9: Select the stores where you want to release the music and press the Send button.

Step 10: You have successfully released your music. Please wait a few days for the moderation team to check and deliver to the store.

Hope the article has provided information to help you make a more informed and appropriate choice, thanks for your reference!