There is a question that many artists ask: “How can I sell my song lyrics?”. So what channels can you sell your music through, let us give a little hint.

In this article, we will show you how to sell lyrics quickly, efficiently and for a good price. Earning money with music is not as difficult as you think. With the following methods, an author can sell his or her work for 2.5 million VND.

Answer the question of how to sell lyrics

1. Send songs and sell songs to singers

This is a way to sell lyrics used by famous musicians. They have good connections with many artists. Before that, they have also done a lot of good work. Hence, as long as the singer carefully reads over the song and feels it will suit their voice and visual orientation, they will purchase it immediately.

2. Collaboration with musicians

Creating lyrics when you don’t have the skills to create instrumental combinations. Combining with musicians who lack good lyrical writing skills is the best solution. Seek collaboration opportunities with specific artist groups or with the writing community.

3. Sell lyrics through digital music distribution apps

This method is suitable for everyone. Selling music through music distribution apps has never been easier if you own good work, regardless of whether you are new or a seasoned pro in the music industry.

Selling songs through Kami Records – The most effective method

After answering the question of how to sell lyrics, we would like to introduce you to the most popular music distribution application today – Kami Records. When you post your work on Kami Records, your song will be freely, publicly introduced to authors and music lovers.

As Kami Records has record and digital music contracts with many singers from the novice to the seasoned, the effect of selling lyrics is always positive. Your potential client is them.

Sum up

“How to sell lyrics” is not a difficult question as you might think. The above methods will surely help.