Distribution speed is one of the key factors that determine a song’s competitiveness, even if it is only 1 minute later than others in music stores. This is why Kami Records always strives to shorten the release time as much as possible; let’s take a closer look at this article.

What is the importance of high-speed music distribution?

With all the benefits that rapid music distribution brings to artists, it has gradually become the objective of many music distribution services.

Each day, every hour, the top major online music stores receive hundreds of thousands of hits. While you are a little slower than others, you have also missed out on many opportunities to connect with your audience.

The faster you spread the music to the audience, the more access and reach your music will have. This has a significant impact on your revenue and popularity.

Kami Records understands that, so their music distribution services are always fast.

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Music can be distributed quickly and securely with Kami Records

The support team is always dedicated to their work, and they are always available to help you at any time, so you can release music with no worries at all.

Additionally, you will be able to browse and distribute your music to every major music store in the world within 48 hours. You can ensure that your copyright is fully protected, every visit generates revenue, and your revenue will be maximized in a wise and safe way.

This means you won’t waste your efforts without being rewarded. Moreover, Kami Records is also free, allowing you to showcase your talents. From today, you can rest assured that your musical spread to the audience thanks to Kami Records’ music distribution.

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