Release cover song is now a trend

Release cover song is now one of the hot topics that many artists would love to explore. Thanks to the development of the internet things, we now have a lot of applications and streaming platforms. As a result, the demand for music listeners also increases. This is the time for artists with various music genres to develop and appeal to their own fan base. 

Among dozens of music genres, some may choose another way to join the music industry – release cover song. But it is a good choice, though! 

  • Release a cover song can save the cost to compose and produce a new song
  • Besides, it can help you gain a number of listeners from the original song, this also saves the advertising cost for artists compared with releasing a new song.

 How can you release a cover song in 24 hours?                    

Release a song or cover may take the artist a long time. But we can save the time it takes to release your cover song by some steps below

  • Research and pick the perfect song
  • Make sure it is a cover
  • Get a cover song license
  • Fill in with information for your cover 

Release a cover may save you time from composing and producing but it does not mean that you do not need to worry about anything. A cover song has many requirements that you will need to follow, you will need to spend time researching the song to cover. Start putting questions like “why do I choose this song” or “Does that song suit me?” These questions will reveal the perfect song for you. 

There is an important note here, you must make sure the song you release is a “real” cover. A cover song is a recording of a previously released song that has kept the same composition (lyrics, melody and song structure) as the original version.

If you start changing your cover too much, it might not be a cover anymore…

Cover song licensing does not extend to:

  • Remixes
  • Samples
  • Mashups

About Kami Records – where you can release cover song

Finally, if you wish your song to be released quickly the best advice is to find a trustworthy music distribution. A good distribution platform will support you in many steps, save you time and distribute your cover song at a fast pace. 

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