The great experience with Kami Records music distribution service

You are not misunderstanding. There is free service for those artists who are working with Kami Records music distribution service. What is that free service? That is whitelisting videos. Those video on Facebook, Youtube or even your channel on Soundcloud are all ensured and supported by our service. 

The only one thing you need to do is sending the right URL for the support team and explain detail your request. They are in the support inbox 24/7 for you to ask for a whitelist. 

The easy and fast service will make you feel pleased. 

Not only video claims are released quickly. The service is also supporting for channel, especially the Youtube channel. This is the most popular request on Kami Records.

What will you get on Kami Records service

Kami Records is one of the leading music distribution service all over the world. Many artists from India, American, Vietnam, Japan, Australia,…. are working with Kami Records. The great and fast service on Kami Records is always pleasing the users. Besides, Kami Records has a big and popular list of distributing platforms and music streaming partners. From domestic to international music stores and platforms. The distribution process on Kami Records is automatical and quickly with one click. You will only need to choose the platforms that you want your music songs to be released then wait for about 48 hours and your music will be there. 

What you need to do for starting with Kami Records?

Register easily and start being an artist on Kami Records music distribution service right now. Artists who register and start with Kami Records will not need to pay for any fee for their start. Right after the registration step, you will immediate be a user and enjoy the distribution service on Kami Records. Start your support right on Kami Records. No matter how many requests do you have, our support team will work on them with a dedicated heart.

Do not hesitate and miss this great chance to shine on your own light and bring your music to the world. Kami Records is always here and wait for your registration.