In the current digital transformation of everything, online music distribution has become an urgent trend that you need to keep up with to better promote your work.

In modern times, the traditional methods of releasing musical works do not seem to work as well as before. Due to a declining number of people who enjoy traditional music methods, this is the main reason. These days, more and more people prefer listening to music through online music distribution channels. This allows them to listen to all kinds of music without downloading anything.

Features of online music distribution

The music release is done online.

Remove the geographic restrictions of traditional publishing.

Effective promotion, music lovers easily find your work through the search engine.

Diverse monetization channels: Earn money from online streams, earn money from downloading or selling copyrights, etc.

The plus point of online music distribution compared to music disc distribution to the store

By distributing your music online, you can sell music online to make more money and reach a global audience. Your music will be promoted by music distribution platforms, which will expand its audience.

The trend of listeners prefers the record store online platforms

Nowadays due to difficult epidemic conditions and people becoming busy, they don’t have time to go to stores just to choose a plate. With the development of online music distribution platforms, they just need to stay at home, make online purchases, and download their favorite music with lossless quality.

What’s more, when you choose to cooperate with online music distribution platforms like Kami Record, you will be supported to protect the copyright of your work.


Online music distribution is the new future of world music. To better protect the copyright of your work, you should choose to cooperate with online music publishers.