In recent years, the strong development of digital technology has led to the formation and exciting development of the music industry, leading to changes in both the way they are produced and distributed.

  1. Bringing a new wind into the way of enjoying music

Not only changing the way of production, but the development of digital also brings a change in the way of receiving and enjoying the music of the public. Instead of going to a concert or timing the radio, TV, choosing a broadcast channel, now with just a smartphone or tablet, anywhere, everyone can enjoy a variety of music products at your wish, freedom to critique, express opinions, opinions… This convenience makes more and more people register to listen to music on online music sites. That is why we know it is the age of digital music distribution.

  1. Give a boost in music

Being able to access many music products at the same time also poses challenges and increases competition for music performers, requiring them to always renew and improve themselves to make products that meet the needs of the music industry for better response to public requests. These advantages show that the modern music industry has really taken advantage of the strengths of digital technology to develop. This is an inevitable development trend, also a promising land to bring music treasures to the world. However, it also poses many problems that need to be recognized and directed. With Kami Records, the independent music licensing and digital music distribution platform, Kami Records will provide all the tools, technology, resources, and accessibility to maximize music careers and budgets everywhere. Step by step, you’ll have access to a playground for everyone to compete with the great professionals at affordable prices and unsurpassed customer service.