Music distribution is showing its huge appeal in the music field. This is not an unexpected thing because of the applicability and benefits that it brings to users. So what lessons can people who have experienced or are about to use music distribution can learn from this? Let’s find out together!

  1. Need to be careful in choosing

The diversity of services around the world gives us a lot of selections to choose from, which gives users an advantage – the right to compare. You have time to do your research and find the most suitable distributor for yourself. Therefore, make a comparison on spreadsheets, from the benefits they offered to you to the policies and requirements of the distributor. You should read carefully the terms you are required to comply with. Considering the aspects of payment, see what percentage you are allowed to enjoy on the copyright of the distributed song. Careful and thorough research allows you to clearly understand how that platform or application works. This avoids some disputes that may happen later when you start using the service.

  1. Music distribution isn’t everything

Why do we say music distribution isn’t everything? You have to understand that music distribution is just a tool to bring your music products to the listeners more easily and return to you the profits earned from listeners. That is the task of music distribution, so the preparation of the music product and the promotion still largely depends on your side. Do not be dependent and subjective on the fact that you have distributed to many stores and ignore other stages. Your revenue will depend on views and downloads. If the audience does not know your product, how can they find and buy music?

  1. Take advantage of the support resources from the distributor

Many distribution services provide artists with dedicated team support, which is your prerogative when choosing to distribute on their music distribution service. Like Kami Records, you can freely request to the Support team, there will always be a call center and the best support for your requests. Use this privilege to get the best condition for your product!