You may not know it, but selling music does not have to be passively based on a traditional approach. Let us reveal the unexpected way to take your career to the next level.

1. Are you following the old path?

We are all passively selling music, how can I claim that? Are you also trying to produce music and looking for a distributor to try to release music discs or other forms of music that can be listened to in physical form? This is considered the traditional way to sell music. But did you know this has definite trouble? Convincing a distributor is not easy, especially when you do not have a great achievement to be trusted by the disc distributors. It will be difficult for them to give you a chance. But it would be a pity if unfortunately, your upcoming music product is an explosive hit but not enough to spread to many music audiences, right?

2. So is there a way for music distribution?

The digital age is gradually taking over the throne in many ways, almost everywhere people mention the term digital, why can music distribution be out of this trend?

Yes, the new path open to you is none other than digital music distribution. This allows you to sell your music quickly, conveniently, and with minimal processing. You don’t have to prove your own sales or achievements to be allowed to sell music. Selling music with digital distribution gives you the freedom to upload and protect your music completely. You will have thousands of opportunities to advance in your music career without fear of anything. Is this what new-age artists are expecting?

3. Where can music be distributed?

As a suggestion for you, you can distribute music through Kami Records. Distributing music through Kami Records gives you the freedom to post whenever you want and increases the reach of your distribution across multiple countries and platforms at the same time. Isn’t it great, try it now!