What is selling music online? Why is it that selling music online or selling digital music has become so popular lately? Let’s find out together!

What is selling music online or selling digital music? Why has it become so popular?

Selling digital music is a form of music distribution on online platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music music stores, … instead of traditional distribution by DVD, CD or tape, disc.. .as before. This leads to another benefit that users can easily get the music to store, use and update products continuously and is also more suitable for users during the current epidemic period.

In this way, the artist can also easily sell music of theirs to the audience with the most economical production and distribution costs, increased profits and ease in business, while improving the listening experience for music listeners. Above all, this way of selling music online can also help artists more tightly control the copyright of their music.

Therefore, selling music online or selling music online gradually prevails over traditional methods before.

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