The new trend of buying and selling music

Currently, the general trend of music listeners has gradually shifted to listening to digital music, rather than buying physical discs or albums from stores as before. This also promotes the growth of buying and selling music online. Music is now being distributed through major music sites where millions of people stream music every day. Therefore, it is becoming more popular to sell music online. So how can you sell music online?


How to sell music online?

Not as difficult as you think, in fact selling music online is extremely simple and easy. With only 3 simple steps, artists are able to bring their music products to listeners easily through online music distribution service.

Step 1: Create an account on the distribution app

Step 2: Upload your song

Step 3: Select the music sites you want to upload

With only 3 steps, the music distribution app will release your songs for you to the biggest and most popular music streaming and downloading sites including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, etc. The music distribution app itself will collect and deliver to the artist the earnings generated by music listeners downloading and streaming songs.