1. Selling music through digital distribution

Digital distribution is now a part of musicians’ lives. Why can we state this? Many people sell music through digital music distribution for their earnings. It is a great tool to help you gain an amount of money. A musician with a release can upload their work on a platform and then distribute it to hundreds of streaming sites on the internet. You can easily get recognized for good work and gain a huge amount of fans listening to your music. The digital aspects have not only brought us an easier way to distribute, but also make the range become extended. You can find some trustworthy distributors for your work, Kami Records is among them. With many innovative functions, our platform can support artists with most of their needs and requirements. You should give Kami Records an opportunity to work with you. 

  1. Collaborate with brands and other musicians

Another great tip for people who find a new way of having money is that you can start at collaborate with brands and other musicians. This is a tip to boost your song in customers’ minds. When you collaborate now many platforms have had “duet” functions to help you reach more people. You can ask for collaboration with other musicians and use this function to push your music on top of the playlist. 

  1. Sell beats and samples

We all talk about music and releases but forget important factors – beats and samples. We can do the same with these two things and earn more money. Many organizations and individuals really love to buy your beats and samples. Kami Records is the prestigious platform to distribute music, you can freely sell your release, music or beats, remixes or covers on our system. There is nothing easier than selling music with Kami Records.

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It designs based on many different needs of each customer. It proves that Kami Records really understand and listen to our artists. We love growing up together. Let’s join us now.