Imagine the joy when your music is well received by the audience and the joy of being able to make good money based on your talent. It’s easy to say, but few people in the profession can achieve it. Join the article below to learn about how to sell music!

How to sell potential music products for artists

In the past, when you first entered the profession, you were worried about the “shadow” of your colleagues and the artist who has many years of experience. Concerned that you will not be able to compete in the music market. Worried that there is no one to lead, don’t know where to start, don’t know how to sell music. Worried that your budget is not enough to invest in traditional methods, or to market and polish your name. These days, it takes just a few clicks to find an instructor, so it’s not hard for new talents to “make a fortune” in selling music.

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What if your music becomes popular

In addition to the extremely fast 48-hour large-scale upload and distribution of music, Kami Records also ensures the absolute safety of your information and music product rights.

Kami Records is the platform supporting their best for the creativity of musicians, whose mission is to provide composers with all the tools, technology, resources, and maximum accessibility to maximize their music careers and budget at all the necessary steps, helping musicians to master, distribute, collaborate, and even advertise. Help and support new talents at the first stages. They manage all risks for their clients.

we help you know how to sell music

Using the app, musicians are able to generate significant revenue automatically every month, as they receive payment anywhere their work is listened to, viewed or described. Just sign up for an account at and upload your music files, and Kami Records will help you with how to maximize your revenue. The revenue every month is also very transparent and on time, so you have nothing to worry about anymore, right? Cooperate with Kami Records and make money today, talented artists!