Music is an extremely important part of everyone’s life, especially artists or musicians. Today, with the emergence of many useful tools, artists easily find many ways to release music and earn money for themselves. Read on to learn more about the best ways to distribute music!

Convenience – fast

Different from traditional forms of music distribution, using music distribution sites not only makes your music products reach a wider audience but also has the ability to distribute music faster and more conveniently. With Kami Record, you can easily and quickly distribute the best music on music apps like Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Facebook Library, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. thanks to the leading music publishing platform.

Guarantee of artist’s rights

In addition to the quick and convenient ability to publish music, as well as reach a diverse audience, online music distribution sites like Kami Record also have the ability to protect copyrights for your music product. With this perk, you don’t have to worry about someone randomly using your creative products.

Maximum savings on issuance costs

The cost of publishing is one of the biggest concerns for any artist, especially those just starting out. However, you can reduce your worries about the cost of distribution with some online music distribution sites like Kami Record. Distribution sites do not charge a fixed fee, but rather charge a percentage based on your product sales, so you can both make money and pay for distribution expenses.

Hopefully, you now understand the best way to distribute music and suit your own needs. We hope you have the best experience with Kami Record!