There is a reason why people today prefer the Internet to do all their tasks, it is because the Internet completes all tasks very quickly and very effectively. 

The digital business sector, including music, is steadily gaining popularity

The epidemic situation that has prevented us from doing business directly is just one of the reasons why people choose an online music business, also known as digital music distribution. There are still more factors that affect that intention. For example, fast processing speed, spreading the influence of artists and not being limited by user demand. In addition, in the situation of the epidemic when it is impossible to trade, do business or perform, go to sing, artists choosing to distribute digital music is also a very appropriate method. It can both save investment costs, save time on publishing, and can protect your health and maximize your revenue. Of course, you cannot sing for millions of people at the same time, but you can through the Internet, at the same time bring your music to billions of people around the world, or more, that shows the influence of the internet. How powerful the Internet is!

In contrast, the online music business is not about singing for free for others to hear. By choosing a music platform that provides you with absolute copyright protection, you will be able to earn money whenever your release is downloaded or listened to, without worrying about being exploited unexpectedly.

digital music distribution new way sell music

What impact has this music selling method had on the world music industry?

First of all, the cost that an artist needs to spend to invest in a business is very low, even without any cost sometimes if you do business with the Kami Records platform, thereby leading to the cost that the audience can enjoy the music wouldn’t be high either, making them willing to pay without hesitation.

But the artist is different, “from zero to hero”, many small amounts of customers can produce a large amount of revenue that even the artist’s live music activities are difficult to earn.

On the consumer side, when they only need to pay a few dollars to be able to listen to music anytime, anywhere, unlimited songs can even meet all their music needs. It is not a problem anymore. Is it a good choice? Since then, their music consumption habits have also changed rapidly, instead of running to buy CDs/DVDs, tapes or any other form of physical storage, they can now sit at home and buy them, enjoy it and update continuously without spending too much effort or money.

Overall, digital music distribution today is the smartest and safest choice for artists as well as for listeners. What are you waiting for without starting a journey in the music industry with Kami Records to experience it?

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