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Distribute your music automatically, helping you focus better on creating your great works. Your work is sold and money is collected automatically so it is transferred directly to your account. You can save time by automating the process. In addition to distributing audio, we also share videos to online music platforms, such as Apple Music. Promotion and communication of works automatically to users. Support building a loyal fan base for you. Support the registration of copyrights for your works. Kami Records is one of the most rapidly growing music distribution platforms.

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A typical music distribution platform will have two types of fee collection: Annual Fees: Typically, you’ll pay this fee to maintain the use of the artist account. This fee is fixed. Whether you upload music or not, the fee remains the same. Fees per published work: Some platforms now allow users to use free accounts. However, artists will need to pay a set fee to release new music. You will not be charged anything if you choose to release music with Kami Records. Kami Records is the 100% free music distribution platform for you. Don’t hesitate to use Kami Records! We currently work with thousands of singers and musicians worldwide, with the popularity of many singers around the world. Join Kami Records, the top music distribution platform today to enjoy the free and great space for your music and let us distribute your amazing music to the whole world.