Distributing and releasing a song brings revenue value to your song. However, in a highly competitive environment, at any time, the product is easy to fail from catching the audience’s attention.

Only when you pay attention to a few key points does distribution and release not become a game of luck. In the latest song, a very detailed release plan should be done to bring you a good solution.

1. Be sure about copyright

Distribute and release your song, but that product can be a cover, a remix, or some kind of hard-to-release genre. Uniqueness and creativity are the core values of each product. Therefore, you should pay attention to this issue, that only when you describe the product with all the information, meet the ownership criteria, you can create copyright before you distribute and sell your music.

2. Take time to prepare before appearing

Distributing and releasing a song requires mandatory preparation time. Not every song flies off the shelves. It may have problems, urgent changes in the last stages. More than that, are you clear on how you’re going to present it? Give your team editors and playlist writers time to review. They will likely further facilitate the appearance.

3. Promote your own song

Distributing and releasing songs helps you reach people who want to hear what they want to talk about. To be able to connect, you need to pay attention to the general formula in promoting. Usually, most people don’t have much time for this. It seems difficult and at the same time has to do too much, from linking, chatting to other marketing activities.

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