Instead of manually on many music delivery services which are time-consuming, why not make use of music distribution free apps? Using music distribution apps will allow you to control and run your releases across all music platforms more easily. What’s even better, they are completely free!

Music distribution is no longer a strange concept to any artist. With the help of music distribution, artists can reach listeners through their songs. There are many music distribution services available today, but how do you determine which is the best free music distribution service?

There is one thing that all music distribution applications have in common: They work to make the distribution of music products to fans easier and faster. However, not all music distribution services are completely free. Some will charge for their services, and the upgrading versions often come with an additional charge. Additionally, the best music distribution free app should be transparent and clear about its returns policy. Moreover, the variety of music platform options available to artists for releasing their music is another important factor in music distribution applications. Because updating the trends of music listeners according to the hottest platforms creates an opportunity for artists to reach more listeners and increase their chances of being streamed on these platforms.

Kami Records is one of the best free music distribution platforms available today, it allows users to be artists who release simultaneously on many top music applications such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, … and absolutely not charge users for the release of music.