Music is an effective medicine for the soul. Therefore, music distribution services are a part of bringing that dose of medicine to everyone. Let’s find out the top 5 best online music distribution platforms in 2021 as follows

  1. Best online music distribution platforms in 2021: Kami Records

Kami Records is the best online music distribution platform in 2021. Its service offers many benefits to users:

Kami Records helps you to create music videos, market and sell them without any fee

Release products to many major music sites: Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Facebook Libary, Tiktok, etc.

  1. Amazon Music Unlimited Music Distribution Service

Amazon Music Unlimited is an upgraded version of Amazon Music. The difference of Amazon Music is that the number of tracks offered is much more extensive. Since May 2021 you have been also provided with HD music playback at no extra cost. Music HD delivers lossless tracks in CD quality.

  1. Distributing music with Youtube Music

Youtube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms recently. Its song library is multiform, and it integrates well with other Google apps and services, including Google Assistant.

  1. Is Nhaccuatui the best online music distribution platform in 2021?

Nhaccuatui is this online music platform that allows users to upload songs, download music to listen offline and sync “favorite song” lists. To have such advanced features, you need to buy an upgraded version of Nhaccuatui to use it. Nhaccuatui offers very multiform playlists which are classified from Vietnam, Europe and America, Asia to other genres.

  1. Apple Music Online Music Distribution Platforms

With Apple Music, besides playing your own music, you can use Apple Music 1 Radio to listen to hot songs ranked on the world charts. Apple Music has crisp AAC sound quality for the best user experience.