What is different?

You may wonder why we need to read guidelines for releasing a cover song. What is the difference compared with releasing a song you compose? The fact that we have some different points here. There are some notes for people who would like to start releasing cover songs. 

First, it is not illegal if you make a cover song and even release it to the internet. Moreover, the process now is simpler than before. We will dive deeper into this point below. 

Second, you may inform the original composer about the release cover version of their song. This action just has the aim to acknowledge them of your intent with their artwork. 

Third, you must share a part of your revenue of those cover song with the composer. If you need more information about the rate, you can search the term “royalty rate” for cover songs.

The story of releasing in the past

Release a song is not a new trend anymore. However, we have been through many stages and changes. The story of releasing is not as it was in the past. Let’s take a look back at the release we used to know in the past to realize the changes and updates: 

– Need a third party

  • Back to the past, you will need a third party to implement your release request. It seems hard for an artist to do it by themselves. The third party that we mention could be record label or a distributor who will represent for artist and  after signing with artists, record labels would oversee the entire process of recording, marketing and promoting music products. Listeners can only access their favorite music via vinyl, cassettes and CDs.

– Prove your popularity and integrity

  • How can you persuade a stranger like distributor to trust and buy your release? Have you ever put yourself in a situation like that? That is one of the backwards of the release in the past. It will limit the creativity and opportunity for the young. Some of them may quit their hopes at this step. 

The way to distribute an original song seemed to be hard enough for artists to manage in the past let alone release cover song