Watch Norway’s Digvalley perform Life is Long, in what looks like a level from Goldeneye for Nintendo 64.

Digvalley sent this video along with a humbling note to our support team:

“I’ve been using Kami Records for the past few months, and I have to tell you, it keep doing wonders to all the different tracks I process through it.

In what might be the longest natural reverb in Norway, we did a live session catching sound from only two simple recorders. Invested in an uncompressed wav. master from Kami Records to the mixed tracks, and it sounds absolutely amazing.

I don’t need support. I just wanted to show you this, and say thank you.

So, Thank You.”

We’re constantly blown away by the diversity and creativity within the community. So keep it up, and keep sharing your work — there is nothing that makes an office full of music nerds happier.