You are searching for a full description of “music distribution”. This post will show you all details and aspects you should learn about music distribution.

Nowadays, people all around the world cannot live without music. You can easily caught up a person walking on the street with their earphones, music on coffee shop,… The existence of hundreds of apps and streaming platforms that allow people to listen to music shows how the music industry has grown in recent years.

What is music distribution?

Music distribution is a principal step in the production of your songs. This activity will bring your music to the public via stores and music streaming platforms. You can gain more listeners and of course.. revenue.

Basically, the mechanism of action of music distribution is not different from what it is defined many years and decades ago. However, there is one big change in how music is distributed and music distributors run their business. The shift from traditional to digital distribution occurred long ago while the old method of distribution – the purchase of recorded releases on bridge-and-mortar stores lose its prominence. 

Now, when we start discussing music distribution, most people have an idea of a tool or system to deliver your music products to an online application on your phone or music listening devices. Digitization means artists and music listeners do not have to come to a store each time they want to sell or listen to a song.

Digital music distribution allows people to sell and buy music through the internet. All the processes are done online, through an app on your phone. The only requirement for you is that you can access the internet and have an online bank account or digital wallet. 

We would send some advice to all artists who start to learn about music distribution at this time, let’s start finding a prestige music distributor to collaborate with. They can bring your music to more and more audiences outside of your hometown and reach the worldwide scale in just a few days. This is what traditional music distribution cannot help you with.