Do you know how much money an artist makes a year selling music? The number may surprise you! Not to mention that artists know how to sell music and increase their incomes by the tips below.

1. How much can an artist make from selling music?

Selling music is one of the most profitable ways to make money for artists and producers. It is estimated that artists can earn $35300 USD gross revenue annually just from profiting from their products through streaming, listening and buying music from fans and the music-loving community. This shows the terrible attraction of the music industry and the tolerance of audiences across platforms. Selling music, therefore, shows its attractiveness. The terrible number mentioned above is the most obvious proof. But it is possible that artists can earn more than that, what could be the secret?

2. Artists can earn even more!

Indeed, making money from selling music brings a huge number that surprises many people. But what’s more surprising is that there is a way to help you earn more than that. Have you heard of distributing and promoting your music through a free music distribution service? If not, you have missed a whole paradise for puppeteers!

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