There are things that if you had known about music distribution earlier, your career would certainly not have just stayed at this level. Find out right here!


What preparation is needed for music distribution?

Music distribution brings artists popularity and huge annual revenue. Music distribution is gradually becoming familiar to anyone working in music production and singing. But what about those who have the passion and desire to start their own careers? What do we need to prepare?

First look at the most important thing, your musical product. There are many necessary requirements that you must meet for your product before being allowed to upload on the platforms. A product must at least meet the sound standards, and the size required to be posted. No audience wants to hear bad products, do you agree with me? Make sure your sound quality is up to standard. Each music distribution service will have many different standards, but there are still certain common standards. Please find out about this on the distributor’s information pages before you want to upload a release.


Be prepared for copyright and song licensing issues (if your product is a cover song). Disputing or being copyrighted will badly affect your earnings. Therefore, being well-prepared for this will save you a lot of trouble in distributing your music.

Your promotion also needs to be well invested. It is the promotion that will attract an additional audience to listen to the music. Having a lot of listens and downloads is your source of income. Do not neglect the promotion, plan, think of more new directions to introduce your products and increase the awareness of the song to the public. Social networks, large channels or forums are ideal places for you to carry out a campaign to promote new products.