There are various sites relating to music distribution if you try this keyword on Google just in this year. Music distribution is becoming more and more popular with people all around the world. Music is an “inseparable” part of our life. 

If you are a member of singer or producer community, you may once have tried to find yourself a partner to work with during your music career. Music distribution is an essential and important step, which can decide half of your success. That is why finding a good music distribution partner is important and taking you time. But we can release your stress with this post. Here we will provide with the top of music distributors. This is the new list with many interesting update. This is the 2022 version with many great and new music distributors which is well known in the world. 

Let’s dive deep into the list and pick up your most suitable one for your music distribution:

Kami Records

The new music distribution with many benefits for their users, Kami Records offer a free plan for artists who work with them. With the Free plan, you will keep 75% off your revenue. There is also an option for artists to keep 100% with Kami Records, too. Besides, you will receive the support anytime you get into trouble. Music is distributed quickly in 3 – 7 business days. Money for your distributed releases is delivered each month on your account. Advanced support is provided for many other request like OAC, Topic channel creation, Whitelisting channel,….


You will receive customer support via a submission form for which you’ll receive an automated response.

If that email doesn’t answer your question, you’ll need to respond for the case to be forwarded to a support agent.

For general knowledge, Amuse has an extensive help center which can answer any of your questions.

They have 3 Plans between $0-$69 Annually, you may have chance to keeep all your revenue when working with Amuse.


CD Baby keeps  9% of your digital music distribution revenue and you get the remaining 91%. CD Baby has a help center and 24 hour chat-bot support which can help answer just about any question you have.

However, if you still need further support you can either submit a request directly to CD Baby or if you would prefer to speak with a CD Baby agent you may schedule a call-back by selecting Contact CD Baby from their “Submit a Request” form and indicating you’d like a callback.