When we first heard Dan Matic’s music, we became automatic fans.We love the Kami Records community. And we’re always on the lookout for musicians on the come up.

Dan Matic fits both of those criteria. He’s a vocal part of our community, and he’s definitely on the fast-track to big things.

The Kansas City producer, DJ and emcee has a resume that’s almost as diverse as his sound.

He raps, makes beats, and is part of the Kansas City producer collective The Outer Peoples.

His thoughts on producing and craft are an inspiration to all musicians.

We recently vibed with Dan Matic on hand-me-down drum machines, print shop sonics, and the importance of perseverance.

On gear:

I started making music back when I was in high school. I knew a few people that had some equipment so I would link up with them a couple times a week to make beats.

At the time I didn’t have any of my own equipment, so I had to make due with using other people’s gear. It wasn’t until I got to college that I began to acquire my own gear (samplers, turntables, computers, etc…).

Since then I have been improving upon my production rig adding and subtracting gear and trying to perfect my craft.

Some of my favorite gear I use is the MPC1000, the SP404 & Korg Triton. I also use DAWs and VSTs.

On love for all music:

I don’t have a favorite producer. I like to listen to a number of producers & artists across all genres. I just really like well crafted and thought out music.

Every time I listen to music, I’m studying — how it was sequenced, arranged, and mixed. I try to hear all the layers & textures.

You can learn quite a bit from listening. It doesn’t matter if it is a well known artist, an up and coming artist or someone just starting out.

I listen to all producers equally and study their body of work. Because if I like one track, chances are I will like many more.

His message to all musicians:

Stay committed to your music and build a catalog of tracks.

Learn how to promote your music as well. Success won’t happen overnight. Stay focussed, create & practice every day.

And, of course, check out some of my music. 😉

Dan’s ultimate production “hack”:

There are sounds everywhere…USE THEM!

Get them into your sampler or DAW & create. We all have the same basic tools for creation, so stop making up excuses & use them.

I like to use the sound recorder on my phone to capture new & unique sounds.

At one point I would take my SP404 to work with me when I worked in a print shop.

I would capture all the sounds from the different machines & printers. Then I’d make sample packs of all the unique off kilter rhythms & grooves and incorporate them into my tracks.


The Kami Records mastering tool has allowed me to hear my mixes in a way like never before. It allows me to craft & build my sonic sound. I use Kami Records to achieve the big studio sound on a small independent budget.

I love the rich sonic frequencies that I am able to obtain using it. I have used it for many releases & plan on doing so for many future releases.

Kami Records lets me to work at my pace, allowing me to create & produce music without limitations all the time. It doesn’t matter what style or genre of music I am working in — Kami Records is an awesome tool.

I recommend the Kami Records mastering service all the time for people to use. I love seeing people’s expressions once they find out about the power of Kami Records.

Kami Records is one of the best tools for DIY musicians across all genres & styles of music.

On beginnings and futures:

Never give up. With music you can learn something new every day, all the time. If you’re in a rut, don’t let it get you down.

Just keep practicing & you’ll be able to build upon your sound & grow as a producer.

You can hear more of Dan Matic’s music at his Soundcloud, Website, and Pandora profile. His free sample pack #SLAPANDCRUNCH is available at Wavy.Audio now.