1. Selling music brings huge revenue to artists

Selling music has long been known as the official method of making money for artists. Selling music is gradually gaining popularity in the world, singers are always looking for ways to make the most of music sales. Why is the selling of music so interested to any people? Perhaps the answer comes from the fact that singers/artists can get huge revenue when they sell music. Every year according to statistics, the revenue from music streaming, in particular, has reached 16.4 billion USD worldwide. Is this information enough to surprise you?

2. You can sell music to over 140 stores worldwide

We have always known that there are many online music publishing stores and apps around the world. But exactly how much? There are more than 200 online music publishing stores by 2022 and this number will continue to increase in the near future. You can absolutely release music across all these existing stores to get an even wider audience to access your music.

But it will also be quite difficult if you manually release it to more than 200 stores. Average time to release and wait for approval also takes a lot of your time. It could take up to a few months.

3. You still have a way to release music to multiple apps at once

How to publish without manual uploading? You can still do that and even get it quickly! What is the trick? Just partner with an online music distributor to make this happen and sell music easily. You only need to upload the song once and the delivery of your music to the stores will be handled by the distributor. 

4. You have the support of Kami Records available

Why take care of everything alone when you can rely on 24/7 support from the distributor’s support team, typically Kami Records. Support team with professional and knowledgeable staff. Most of your problems will be resolved quickly within 1-2 days.