Dig into a wild cross-section of indie rock and indie pop from the Kami Records worldwide family.

We’ve changed up the genre and mood for each of our bi-monthly Mixtapes. We’re inspired by all the incredible music you send us, and that meant getting busy with upping the release frequency.

Kaleidoscope shares a slice of indie pop & indie rock coming from the Kami Records community.

It’s hard to capture what “indie” is, so we took the eclectic route, moving from genre-blurring to genre-defining, electronic to acoustic. Every song has its own magic. Enjoy.


  • LENPARROT – A Fake Prophet (Nantes, France)
  • GODS – Sisters (Wales)
  • AJPASCHKA – Haile Selassie, I (Peach Mountain, USA)
  • SAKIMA – Kiss Me (London, UK)
  • DIGVALLEY – Life is Long (Live) (Odda, Norway)
  • Yard Of Blondes – Born Again (LA, USA)
  • Raveen – Softly To Air (Montreal, Canada)
  • Lewis Lazar – Barbourestless (NYC, USA)