Are you an artist, singer or producer looking to release your music? There are too many music distribution sites making it difficult for you to choose? The following article will help you make the right choice!

List of the best music distribution sites today.

In the era of technology 4.0 with the rapid development of the internet, online music distribution sites will be a great platform for you to release your music products to everyone. The following is a list of the best music distribution sites today.

Kami Records



Released on current music distribution sites

In general, music distribution sites are online platforms that help you upload your music products so that you can bring music to the public and earn profits. With these distribution sites, you often have to pay for your product to be released on music sites and then receive revenue through royalties.

Compared with the physical release of music where you have to pay for making discs, searching for stores and places to sell products, now you can completely bring your music products to everyone with just a few clicks and a few operations. Your task is just to choose for yourself a music distribution site and directly sell your music on that online site. Simple, right?

Kami Records – the best free music distribution site today.

With great advantages, Kami Records deserves to be the first choice for you among countless music distribution sites today. Kami Records will help you release music products for free. Your songs, MVs, Covers will be distributed on reputable and quality platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tiktok, iTunes, .. Kami Records is not only a platform to help you satisfy your music passion but also help you earn extra income from selling your products. To do this, simply create an account, upload your products, provide your information and select the desired store. Through the number of times that your product is played or downloaded, Kami Records will calculate and pay you interest.

To be successful in the music industry, you need to make the right decisions about choosing music distribution sites. With Kami Records, you will have a great companion who will help you achieve your goals.